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Happy Birthday [03 May 2013|10:06pm]

Got a message that it was Tikatu's birthday today.

Hope you have a FABulous day :-)
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A new fic, found just about everywhere but fanfiction.net... [04 Sep 2011|02:12pm]

My latest fic, Moonstrike!, is posted here at lj  for your reading (and reviewing) pleasure. I want to get it right before I post it to ff.net, so y'all get to be guinea pigs - as well as betareaders of a sort (for which you will gain notoriety and credit when I finally DO post it to ff.net). It is a "Tracy sister" fic, so consider yourself warned. Hopefully, there will be plenty of rescues and Tracy son goodness to satisfy, and my OC doesn't take away, but add to the story. I am taking advantage of canon's lack of specificity when it comes to Jeff's and Lucille's family background - but I'm not ready to call it AU. After all, it should only be AU if it violates canon, not necessarily fanon.

So, here's the link to the disclaimers page; you can get to the rest of the story from there. Eleven chapters are ready, seven are posted on lj (and dreamwidth and devART) as of this missive. (And if you can't wait, you can find them all at Fan Nation.) So, please read and review! I think you'll enjoy it!
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Thunderbirds TV icons! [29 Mar 2011|04:44pm]

Not too many people are making TV icons these days, but since I'm trying out the paid journal for two weeks, I thought I'd make some and share.

There are 10 of them, one for each of the main characters. Feel free to gank with credit.

(So, this is a fake cut, huh?)

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Brains's names [05 Nov 2009|11:53am]


Okay. My new NaNoWriMo novel is all about Brains. Problem is, Hiram Hackenbacker and Mr. X are aliases that he chose for himself. He has revealed his "real" name in other places, and it was intimated that he had done this more than once, with different names each time. I know about Homer Newton III, which he revealed on the children's show, "What's Up Doc". What are the other names that he has revealed?  Can anyone remember?

Homer Newton III isn't a bad name, it's just not the name I'd picture a Cambridge don giving his adopted son, even if he was Homer Newton Jr. or II. So, I'd like to have some others to choose from if anyone can remember them.


PS: Feel free to cross post this to other communities.

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New ficlet! [05 Jul 2008|12:25am]

[ mood | creative ]

This place has been, y'know, kinda deadish. So I'm giving it some artificial respiration with a new ficlet. Enjoy!

Coming Online
Fandom: Thunderbirds
Characters: John Tracy, Scott Tracy
Rating: All
Disclaimer: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson created them. ITV/Granada owns them. Just writing for my pleasure and that of others.
Notes: Inspired by prompt #43, birdsong, at fic_simplicity and darsynia's "First lines" meme: take a first line from one of her fics and go with it. The line I chose is underlined. Thanks to Hobbeth for being a sounding board. A departure from the norm; a ficlet, not a drabble.

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Some cool Thunderbirds stuff -- or I hope you think it is! [30 Oct 2006|08:45pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Thought you all should know that I finished my claim at 30_beverages . All 30 drabbles are done and I'll be posting them, one per day, at ff.net throughout November.

Also, here's some artwork from my talented daughter: manga-style, chibi-fied Alan and Scott. Hope you enjoy!

First EncounterCollapse )

The Secret Life of Scott TracyCollapse )

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Just for y'all! [02 Sep 2006|12:13am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Thunderbirds Haiku
Fandom: Thunderbirds, original series
Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I don't own them; Carlton/Grenada do.
Author's notes: Inspired by the Friday fun challenge at fanthropology, these haiku are all about our favorite FAB characters! Enjoy!
TBs HaikuCollapse )

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Knowing the Thunderbirds [05 Aug 2006|10:52am]

[ mood | curious ]

I was told by the mod of a Thunderbirds RPG that if you haven't seen all the episodes of the show, you don't know the series. (She is supposed to be very knowledgable about Thunderbirds.)

I haven't seen all the eps, since I was in my late teens when the show first aired, and wasn't interested in the Saturday morning lineups any longer. By the time I discovered the show, from offering to tape the episodes (for a friend who didn't get the channel that showed them), it was too late to get all of them. And I'm on a budget that doesn't allow me to buy the DVDs.

So, what do you think? Can you know the series even if you haven't seen all the episodes?

(Btw, a co-creator of the "Lost" TV series is planning a Star Trek series that's a prequel to the original. He says he hasn't seen all the eps of all the series, but knows them well enough to do this.)

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[02 Aug 2006|09:27pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Has anybody being watchin Thunderbirds on the mornin on bbc2 11oclock ... if not u should :D i love the holidays

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I do believe there's an echo in here..... [31 Jul 2006|12:03am]

[ mood | sore ]

Wow! It's been a long time since anyone's posted here! (And I was the last one, too.)

Just thought I'd let the members know that I've taken a claim over at lj's 30_beveragescommunity. My claim is Thunderbirds as a general series (in other words, no specific pairing), and I'm doing traditional drabbles of 100 words for each of the 30 prompts listed. Ten are complete so far. It's been a real challenge given my penchant for verbal diahhrea.

I won't be posting them to ff.net until they're all done, though I am toying with the idea of posting at lunaescence.com. If you'd like to take a peek, be my guest! I'd love to hear what you think of them, too.

International Rescue base, signing off!

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New fanfic. [29 Apr 2006|02:54pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Scratching an itch here.
Just finished a story that I've written for the Classic Thunderbirds Showcase challenge. Since ff.net is down, and the challenge isn't supposed to be posted until Monday anyway, I'm posting it here for your enjoyment, and my satisfaction. I'm not sure if I'm finished editing it; but if I'm not, I'll put up the edited version and make a note of it.

Crossposted from my personal lj.

Title: Hiatus
Author: Tikatu
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Fandom: Thunderbirds
Summary: A chance event sends Jeff Tracy into a daydream about a strange encounter from the past.
Notes: Written for the challenge at fanfiction.net's C2 community, Classic Thunderbirds Showcase. Title of the challenge: "A Space Oddity and an Occasional Daydream".

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Pimping my fic... [28 Dec 2005|12:13pm]

[ mood | blank ]

New Thunderbirds fic by yours truly. Links can be found in the "friends" file. It's public, so anyone can read... and review.

PS: This fic is not on ff.net yet, and won't be until the New Year. Since it was inspired by a post at fanficrants, I thought it fitting to post it here first. Enjoy!

ETA: I decided to post the story at ff.net once the upgrades were made. But I appreciate the comments from those of you who are on livejournal. Thanks so much!

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Hey [06 Dec 2005|06:04pm]


No-ones updated in agesssssssssssss ... so i thought i would lol

Neyways im trying to get some money together to buy this:


It includes all these features:

FAB Fact Files - Tracy Island, Gerry Anderson, Machines, Characters

Printable CD ROM Features

Thunderbirds The Characters - Featurette

Thunderbirds The Machines - Featurette

Thunderbirds, Lady Penelope & Parker - Featurette

Quiz Your Brains With Hidden Bonus

Making Of Featurette

Original Brochure Artwork

Original Memorabilia Section

Two Original TV Commercials

Original Thunderbirds Soec Sheet Artwork

Thunderbirds The Secrets - Featurette

Well any ideas how to raise the money??? I was thinking sponsered walks or things like that please help people i need your ideas as it looks so amazing!!!!!!!!!!
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[14 Oct 2005|11:28am]

Hey everyone,

Sorry I've neglected the club somewhat recently after only just starting it, it's great to see that there are a few members now, but I promise I'll take more of an interest in it soon - at the moment the only times that I can use the internet is when I'm at uni as we don't have the internet set up at my house yet, but it should all be up and running in a couple of weeks!

Here's a discussion topic for you all: What is it with the episode "Sun Probe?" Why is it so underrated? I used to love this episode when I was younger, it's so exciting!
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hey [03 Oct 2005|05:19pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

as this year is the 40th annerversary of thunderbirds shouldnt there be some sort of party??? Or has it been??? Does ney1 know neything about this if so post back to me!!!

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Yeah, geek love! [02 Oct 2005|05:01pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Hey, cheetahq! I've tried to respond to your comment twice, but it hasn't been "screened", whatever that means.

I like Brains! I like his little verbal hesitation. I like it when he gets mad at Jeff in "Thunderbird Six". I loved his flirting with Tin-Tin in "Alias, Mr. Hackenbacker" (Alan, look out!). I love it when he gets into the thick of things, like in "Lord Parker's 'Oliday". But you just have to admit that he just can't dance.

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First post [30 Sep 2005|08:29am]

As my first post here, I would like to give a shout-out to my favorite, yet so underappreciated, Thunderbirds character, the marvelous Brains! Who else here wants to share the geek-love?
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[09 Sep 2005|09:43pm]

Good day, y'all.

The aim of the current journal is to create a community of LJ users who, like myself, are fans of the original Supermarianation series of Thunderbirds, rather than the 2004 live action film. I have not seen this film and possess no desire to; I have seen enough pictures, clips and heard enough from my younger sister, also a devoted fan, to assume that this film should not be included in normal "Thunderbirds" discussions.

Fans of all other "puppet" series produced by Gerry Anderson are also perfectly welcome in this community. Incidentally being a big fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone I would not condemn any discussions about "Team America: World Police" either, but this may stray off the topic at hand far too much.

Residents of the UK may have recently enjoyed a full re-run of both series of Thunderbirds, which kept me sane during my summer away from university. Anybody watch it?
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